Friday, 26 September 2014

When a Quirky Guy Came Approaching

Well, if you intend to speculate anything scandalous about me, you need not to further read this post. But if you are keen to know what has it got to do with me, here's the story.

Few weeks ago, I went to KL for a short trip to settle some matters. Btw, those who were in KL at that time, I apologized for not letting you guys know cuz I was actually quite busy at that time and had to rush back to Ipoh once the matters had been settled. Plus, I also had decided to move incognito for awhile in the search for some solace. This part doesn't require you to digest and has got nothing to do with this story. hahaha

So it was 4 pm in the evening and I was exhausted after the unprecedented event that had really boiled me up in Batu Caves (this also doesn't require you to digest!). Coming back from that place by taxi, I headed to KL Central to have a short rest and later buy a ticket back to Ipoh. I was still filled with discontentment over the matters though, but I was fast subduing. Well, things happened anyway, rather than just throwing a wobbly, I decided to cheer up a bit.

It was at that particular time when a man in a denim jacket, out of the blue approached and asked me for direction to any nearest hotel. I WAS shocked because this man didn't appear in front of me. And I was also perfectly certain that even if I had monocular vision, my eyes wouldn't still detect his presence at alllll. He was just completely out of nowhere, like BOOM, here I am! 

My first impression was that....okay.... he was a man... taller than me, quite tanned, Malay, and looked rugged. But overall, he was just like any other strangers that I wouldn't bother having a gaze at (if he were Siti Nurhaliza, now THAT deserves a starstruck!). So he asked me if I knew any good hotel around KL Central. Then I told him that there is one just next to MidValley Mega Mall, and if he just wished to stay at any affordable place, there are a lot around the area of KL Central Monorail Station, the backpacker style. But this was his reply:

THE man: Owh I don't wanna stay at Bukit Bintang. Kat situ ramai you know, pondan.

*The thing was that, did I mention Bukit Bintang when I answered to his question just now? Did I? 

Still in shock but not at all a tiny bit of suspicion, I explained further and he looked seemingly able to decide his stay that day afterwards. He then expressed his delight and gratefulness that I had willingly helped him, so he offered to treat me some coffee. Once again I was surprised, but this time, though I declined profusely, I was actually rather in rapture, lol, cuz he, well, did look like a rich person and I believed he must have planned to treat me a Starbucks (speaking of which, sorry for my fickle stance to boycott Starbucks)! Not intending to upset his invitation, I agreed and we later went to Starbucks together, crossing the road like old friends. Ya, I'm actually the kind of person who likes to be nice to strangers.

On our way to the coffee shop, he told me that he works in an oil and gas company in _______ . He also disclosed to me that he is a highly paid worker, but found no pleasure in his working life as he frequented offshore. He even told me that he had married once but divorced. Now this time, I couldn't help myself but to begin intertwining all the things he had told me and come up with a presumption - THAT he had a motive to do with me. Like seriously, "Are you trying to seduce me?" But of course, I had that still barred from completely going to my head. Cuz you know if you are a person who keeps thinking that people want to 'try' you, then you are so full of yourself! I am not (!!!), so I just remained cool and let him 'pour' his feelings of 'loneliness'. :D

In the Starbucks, he gave me a note and asked me to order the coffees and any food I liked (speaking of which too, that was actually my first time going to Starbucks and making an order!!! I felt so much like an itik masuk kampung!!!)

google image

Now here's the part that made cold sweat shivered down my spine. We were at the coffee table of two and literally facing each other. I started to feel uneasy, cuz THAT presumption I had earlier seemed to overpower my mind helplessly. As we sipped the however-nice-smelling-coffees, I carefully told him my background since he had asked about my family and so forth. I addressed myself to him as 'saya' and called him 'Encik'. So, do you know what was his reply that shook the world out of me? 

He said this:

THE man: Eh jangan la panggil saya 'Encik'. Panggil saya abang. Sounds Cuter. Cute!

His eyes were glittering with the kind of desire that was indescribably scary to me. Now that without a doubt verified my presumption. Oh God. Need I explain how did I feel at that moment? I wanted to run away (with the coffee)!!! And the fact that he even moved on with his sugary talk asking for my phone number and home address just lit up my engine to escape. At that time, I just wished we would end the conversation nicely and I could run helter-skelter when he wasn't looking.

His avidity to get my phone number was also still vivid in my mind. To testify that the phone number that I gave him was valid, he brought out two of his mobile phones to check in the internet if he could find for my Whatsapp and WeChat accounts. He was just so scary at that time and just realizing that I had to run away before he found out that I was lying to him, I quickly thanked him for the treat and lied that my ETS ticket would be due in 10 minutes from now!

That ended up our short coffee session and I rushed back to KL Central, hoping that he wouldn't decide to chase me like a boyfriend after his girl. hahaha. And Alhamdulillah, I was safe from his 'trap'. 

On my way back to Ipoh, I kept on thinking to myself that why must I in the first place became his target to satisfy his life of debauchery? Was not it enough of me to growl or trim my hair to erase my good-boy-looking image? Hmm, that experience was really nauseating. 

But you know, I just wish one day that people won't see me as a boy anymore, rather, as a man. That way, I can feel full of myself to search for a cinta hati! hahaha.

To that guy, I just wish the best of luck to him in his search for a companion. hehehe. I just have nothing else to say. :D

Good night peeps and see you in my next post! 


  1. pehhhhhh Rauffffff...!!! Sekali kena ayat! haha. I miss your writing! Please write again! hihi.