Sunday, 2 August 2015

Lotte World, South Korea

It's been almost a month since the semester break started and I just stayed at home literally waking up, eating, helping my mom, and sleeping back again. Plus, being bedridden for almost a fortnight due to an illness which I wont divulge here, like seriously. :D

I did feel slightly dampened by these routines cuz years before, I would normally work during semester breaks. But this time around, I didn't cuz I wanted to help my mom babysitting the kids at home. Somehow, this atypicality has imbued me with a sense of mundanity. So irony, isn't it?

Anyhow, the following pictures were captured during my visit to Lotte World, South Korea with my friends two years ago. I know it's so yesteryears. hehehe. But good memories shouldn't just be kept untold. Some really good ones ought to be immortalized for others to read and benefit from, right? ;)

On our way to enter the theme park.

The blue castle beckoning to us from afar.
Few more steps to go.

Lots of visitors there. Summer time anyway. 

Tara! Lets get in!!!

Scenery from the inside.

Some of the attractions in the theme park. Look at that pastel-colour-painted house. So cute!

The first game we tried that day. Not bad. But be careful when the roller coaster rides into the cave. Since your vision is very limited, you cannot expect how the railway will make its turn. In my case, I actually had quite a discomforting inertia when the roller coaster abruptly went up at the time when my body was totally not ready for it.
 ------> when a guy who doesn't like outdoor games gives comments. hahaha

Still, it was a fun game.

Now this one was my favourite!!!


And higher!!!

Gyro Drop

Lotte World in the late evening.

Scenic and magical view at night.

Indeed, beautiful.

Scenery from the outside.

So, how? Do you think you want to go there?

If you love fairground games like these, why not. In fact, I believe the entrance fee for Lotte World, South Korea is much cheaper than the one for Disney World in Japan. But ya, I would still consider the entrance fee for Lotte World a bit pricey BCUZ activities like these are not really up to my alley. hehehe.

STILL, if you want to go there, go check for the tickets on their websites cuz the day we went there, we actually got a discounted price for the entrance fee. I forgot how much, but it was way cheaper than the normal price. For those who don't really enjoy fairground games like these, cheer up and go take pictures of castle like what I did there. hehe.



  1. Bnyak kali pergi KOrea tak pernah lagi masuk taman tema, mesti dah kena tolak satu hari kalau main dalam tu, beside I'm not a roller coaster kind of person =p

    1. Sama la kita radin. mmg tak gemor sgt roller coaster ni. haha

  2. I think one memory that I still have there was when I had a very uncomfortable (duhh) stomach ache... Sampai-sampai je terus sakit perut. What la.. hahaha My mom never let me on the roller coaster ride...sebab dia takut. hahaha